Cashflow Courses

Each course is designed to take you step by step through all you need to know to do transactions of any size in the market you choose!

The essential components to creating a successful Business.
18 sessions, 4.1 hrs of video
Once you understand how J. Massey’s Profit Analysis Quadrant™ (P.A.Q.) works, you’ll be able to explain all your deals to investors. And they’ll want to refer other investors to you.
6 sessions, 1 hr of video
How do you determine the market to invest in that’s right for you and your goals? Do you know your Investor Identity? What about the identities of the sellers, buyers and investors that you want to participate? This video course gives you the know-how you need to determine your market!
3 sessions, 1 hr of video
This quick course walks you through the process of finding deals at a discount.
12 sessions, 2.2 hrs of video
This quick course walks you through the process of raising private capital for your next deal.
6 sessions, 5.1 hrs of video
This quick course walks you through the process of purchasing multifamily properties.
13 sessions, 3 hrs of video
Learn everything you need to know to “flip” properties and earn fat “shut up” checks fast.
70 sessions, 16.9 hrs of video
Learn how to raise private capital for all your deals, so you don’t use any of your own cash or credit.
71 sessions, 15.8 hrs of video
Learn what it takes to make offers, generate leads, close deals and find investors who will let you use their cash and credit in your multi-family property deals.
73 sessions, 12.5 hrs of video
This course gives you the how-to’s and why’s of participating and hosting games on your own. You’ll learn how to set up your room, how to invite guests and get them excited to join you, and so much more!
2 sessions, 3.1 hrs of video
When becoming an entrepreneur, there are things you need to know and shifts you have to make in your mindset. That’s what this course helps you do.
1 session, 14 mins of video
Learn how to leverage retirement accounts to raise money and produce cashflow.
2 sessions, 2 hrs of video

Advance Training Courses

These courses are for the serious investor that wants to take their business to the next level. (these courses not included in the core membership).

The super sales skills you learn in this educational product are the EXACT same skills J. Massey used to raise millions of dollars for his deals. He share them with you in this special course.
21 sessions, 18 hrs of video
To get deals done requires negotiation skills. In this course, you’ll learn all his tactics, including how to get referrals, which always leads to more investors and more deals!
8 sessions, 2.5 hrs of video
Discover how and where to find sellers, buyers and investors for all types and sizes of deals. You’ll learn things in this course that you will not hear anywhere else!
5 sessions, 2.3 hrs of video
Our First-ever Investors Round Table. Take this course and get all the information as if you were right there in the room.
12 sessions, 11 hours of videos
This 13 week live mastermind goes from Oct 12th, 2015 to Jan 4th, 2016.
40 sessions, 30 hours of videos
Creative Acquisition & Creative Financing Simplified.
4 Session, 4 hrs of video
Learn the Why, what, when, who, and how of Short Term Rentals. I went from $0 to $100,000 in less than 4 months.
5 sessions, 4 hours of videos
Take your business to the next level by creating effective ways to get things done. Learn the tools and techniques I use to move fast and get things done.
3 sessions, 4.5 hours of videos
12 Week Intensive Mastermind Group on Short Term Rentals
12 Week Mastermind Group