Today is my first Cash Flow Diary video entry and it might seem a little strange, because I’m in the hospital with my wife. She cut her foot on a big piece of glass as she was baking brownies in the kitchen. What a mess! But this shows you that you have to be ready for anything… not just in life but also as an investor! That’s what I’m taking away from this experience today. Why not start my personal video diary entries right here from the hospital? As an entrepreneur, I have to think on my feet and look for opportunities everywhere, so this is just as good a place as any.

Good news is that my wife is doing fine. The doctors are going to take care of her and all I have to do at the moment is to sit and think. More good news is that I’m also doing a deal. Several deals actually! Yes, even from the hospital and at this very moment. That’s what this journey is all about in my life. If I can guide you in doing what I do, I’m a happy man. In fact, maybe one day we’ll do some deals together, but first you have a lot to learn. This personal video diary should help you toward that goal.