Today I’m taking you with me on a little walk around the neighborhood with my cool new camera gear. With this set up I can now be a guest on Finding Bigfoot! Or any ghost-hunter show. I have the gear!! I love photography and gadgets, so you know I’m happy.

Now to the meat of this entry and what you came here for. I’m doing a deal with ACE Hardware. That’s the store going into my commercial property in Colorado and I’m stoked! The lease-agreement process doesn’t go as quickly as I’d like, but the paperwork must be reviewed by an expert on my team. The exciting part is that the lease is going through. Now I can add this goal to my to-DONE list. I love when that happens.

As I look back on my life I can’t believe how far I’ve come. My God, I’m grateful. And I keep setting new goals. If a guy with a PhD (public high school diploma), a winning credit score of 398 and squatting in his bank-owned property can make it… so can you! You just have to adjust your mindset and keep adjusting. You have hard work and learning ahead of you. But again… I did it and so can you. Keep fighting the good fight and you’ll get there.