I’m lovin’ this new video diary thing. It’s just right for me, cuz I’m always on the go. Today I was thinking about my teams again. While teams and systems are excellent, there is another side. When people work together, issues can arise that I as the CEO must handle. The challenge is that I have to embrace the fact that I am the CEO and how to step in if team members have disconnects or differences of opinions.

To be honest, I’m not a perfect CEO … yet. But I’m learning. The fun part is that I get to share my journey with you! If I can save you some hassles along the way I’m doing my job. Just know this… I learned that I cannot do anything big on my own. None of us are superhuman. We have failings, but the good news is that we can get better. Hey, I’m trying. And I’m continuing to learn all sorts of new things. Just ask my team.