Yay! I just got an offer on THREE of our notes on single-family houses. Woo hoo! That’s cool. This is one of the things I do frequently and enjoy. I also buy apartment buildings and rehab them to provide clean, safe, affordable housing. You can see more about that in my book. And we’ve moved into the commercial space. I love all of it. I’m happy that real estate investing came looking for me. At least that’s how it feels sometimes. In truth, a friend told me about an opportunity to learn wholesaling and I finally listened. I didn’t until I was at my lowest point. And I’m happy I did. I’m glad my friend didn’t give up on me and stop telling me about real estate investing. He said I’d be great at it, and I guess he was right. It opened doors I never dreamed would be open to my family and me. I couldn’t imagine where I’d be now if I hadn’t answered the knock.

My thoughts are taken back to my team and systems, because they have made this day possible. TODAY I’m looking at saying YES to making about $30K from the notes. Gee, should I take the offer? I think I’ll create a course on Dealing in Discounted Notes. We can add it to our growing line of products. You’ll have to let me know if that holds any interest to you.