I should have called this entry “Hungry Thoughts,” because I’m hungry and waiting for my food. This apparently pushed a button in my head to start thinking about the importance of building systems and doing what we’re best at in our business. This brings me back to my team and the strengths of each of my team members. When I let them do what they’re best at doing we all end up winning. I talk about this in the early episodes of my Cash Flow Diary podcast. I admit that this was a learning curve for me. I can’t do everything in my business; I’m not good at all the different parts. I hate paperwork. Good news is that I don’t have to do that part. I just talk to my accountant and my attorney and they do what needs to get done. I explain verbally and they put it on paper. It isn’t brain surgery, but if I had to both do the deal and then do the paperwork… um, no.

At first, when I was a new investor, I did it all. It was crazy making, but I didn’t have a team yet and I didn’t know how to put systems in place. So I learned. Now I have plenty of time to enjoy my life, and I’m grateful. Grateful for the educational tools that were and still are available to me, grateful for the skills my team brings to the game and grateful we can all use our words to work out our difficulties, challenges and differences in our work styles and opinions. If I can teach these skills to my kids I’d be thrilled. I’m doing my best to do that, too. Well, I see my food coming, so I gotta go!