Today I spent time with an old friend. I’ve known the guy for years. He is someone I refer to as “my normal” and he’s in the process of moving. We started talking about some of the issues he is facing. I thought I’d share something that you might need to know that came as a result of our conversation. You’ll want to hear it, especially if you are either a pet owner or someone who doesn’t want to rent to pet owners.

Here’s the deal. Instead of turning pet-owning renters away or charging a deposit for pets, why not charge extra rent for pets? The pet industry is huge, and pet owners will do a lot to keep their pets healthy and happy. They don’t want to let the pet go just to live in a certain apartment. I don’t want them to let their pets go. That’s a sad choice to have to make.

If you’re a pet owner, I would rather earn extra income on an apartment that I rent to you so you can keep your pet with you. There are tremendous benefits to this arrangements, one of which is that once it’s earned income, you don’t have to give it back!

You can even charge different rents for different types of pets. Hey, my eyes were opened to a new stream of income. Maybe your eyes will open, too.