Today I talk about something that doesn’t feel good to do, which is to let someone go from one of our teams in order to get to the break-even point on our largest building. The truth is that this person shouldn’t have been on the team, and there isn’t a big need for the services the individual provides.

While I personally didn’t want to let anyone go, it was the best business choice to help us reach our break-even point. That’s what we as Real Estate Investors must do… we make business decisions that affect our BUSINESS. Or are you playing at Real Estate Investing?

To me it was still a win at the end of the day, because now that we’ve surpassed the break-even point, which means the rest of the units will be pure profit, which also means I get to help more people. My team and I can fulfill our mission statement of providing clean, safe, affordable housing for those who might not otherwise be able to have it.

I’m learning to celebrate all wins, and I look to you to keep me accountable!