Today I’m preparing to record my special VIP DAY for Lead Generation and I’m nervous. It’s an excited nervous, but still… There are always difficulties that we experience. Like technical challenges over which we have limited control. Hey, I just want to get the information out there! I am experiencing the “will they buy it” syndrome that so many entrepreneurs experience. Will what I’m doing today be embraced by customers? So I have to follow that question up with another… What does my WIN look like? And it doesn’t have to mean producing income. Maybe my WIN will be that more people are introduced to what I do. That would be awesome, because word is spreading. We are different in our space, and that’s fun. I love educating others on topics in Real Estate, so this is cool. It’s a great opportunity for me and for my team. My personal goal it to get 100 new customers by this weekend. Wish me luck!