Today I tackled a wholesale deal and worked with my CFO to come up with terms the buyer can agree to, which is exciting. Now we will be getting more notes. AND I’m very excited to announce that we have a new One and Done member! Over the next 12 months, she is going to be learning everything she needs to know to be a tremendous success doing what I do. That’s the point. I’m shortening the learning curve for her, and she will earn back what she’s paying in to participate in the program. She is getting value from this educational opportunity that will give back 10 fold. More actually. She will learn how to wholesale, raise capital for her deals, network, and then become a syndicator. I can’t wait to get started teaching her everything I know about Real Estate Investing. The cost of the program is up there, but the value is that she will earn that back in her first 12 months if she follows what I teach. I’ve never seen that process fail. If she does what I ask her to do when I ask her to do it, she is ensured success. This is a new program.