Breaking news… I responded to the offers on the notes I had. That will help us get more properties to add to our wholesale program. Today I was reminded that things sometimes don’t work as quickly as I want them to in a deal. My team and I are working on a number of deals, like the sale of 20 houses, which is mighty awesome. I have to continue my negotiations with the lease of my commercial property in Colorado. That’s huge. And I’m going to let a seller know that we won’t be moving forward with him due to hidden liability issues. And I have a 12-unit apartment building we’re selling, too. That’s in Memphis. As a Real Estate Investor you will stay busy once you have a lot of moving parts in place like I do. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Would you?

As I continue thinking through my day and deals, I stop by my chiropractor’s office. It helps me stay on task to keep this routine going in my life. I’ve mentioned it before, but you really need a routine. You need to maintain work-life balance. You need to spend time with family and friends. You entire life cannot be work, work, work. While you will put in plenty of time and effort growing your business, you still need to maintain a little normal, everyday activity to help you stay centered.