Today is a busy day. While I need to get myself to the chiropractor once again, I have a few stops to make first. I have a long list of to-do’s, including some not-so-exciting tasks, like bank deposits and getting some papers notarized. Hey, that’s business. Gotta do these things. You will, too.

I’m looking forward to today’s Q & A with J. because I’ll be talking about mistakes I’ve made and why it’s okay. Without making mistakes we can’t always move toward our goals. Rather, making mistakes can get us there more effectively! Mistakes are important to our growth. They are valuable if you use them as learning opportunities. Go ahead and make them, or at least don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You’re going to. You can’t avoid it.

Earlier today I did a live radio interview. It was neat, but a little different than a podcast interview. You can check it out on the Donna Seebo Show online. I hear it’s archived in the July 2014 shows. (The date is July 7, 2014.)

Another cool thing happened today. I just heard that a joint venture deal I wanted on the marketing side of the house is coming through. That’s exciting. There will be more.

And the deal for the notes I’m selling is going through. Yay! I have to call the investor for a few more transactions we’ve been kicking around.

Whew! What a day.