Today is all about solving problems and making progress. And, yes, I’m doing it from the beach. Pretty cool, huh? That’s the great thing about doing what I do. As long as I have a cell phone, I can get a lot done on the go! That’s the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. I don’t think they’ll let you do that at a J – O – B.

Today, I talked with an investor about a deal I’ve been working on. He’s moving ahead, which is awesome. I need to have a discussion with my CFO about more deals, too. She makes me realize once again what a great team I have on both sides of the house.

I have a team on the investment side and a team on the marketing side. There is some crossover as you might imagine, and everyone works really well together. It’s not just having A TEAM; it’s having the RIGHT TEAM. I have the right team and I’m grateful. We are making incredible progress in all we are doing.