Lots of good things going on today! More viewers than ever before tuned in to watch my Q & A with J. web show. Love it!! I am hearing from viewers and my team that is was a really good episode. That always makes me happy.

Today we are at the end of round one of our commercial lease deal. Whew! We can now move into round two. By “we” I mean my team and me, of course. And I’m still working on a great wholesale deal. I’m learning to be patient.

The best news that I got today is that no matter what, the systems we have in place in the business work really well. They were tested today big time. We’re good to go, no matter what bumps we encounter. That’s pretty cool.

Finally, today we have our first official JV marketing partner. I can’t tell you how great that feels. Ahhhh… first JV deal down; more to come. ; )