Today I’m heading to an investors networking event. Whether you’re introverted or not doesn’t matter. As a Real Estate Investor, you must participate in networking to build your leads. You need to create lists of sellers, buyers and investors if you want to access OPM. It’s just the way it is.

Once you’re in the room, make sure your elevator pitch is concise, your message is clear and you are also clear about sharing your vision and goals. You should stick to a simple script. I’ve shared my script with you in recent Q & A with J. episodes and I talk about it in my videos and podcast.

When talking to others about investing, you are digging (politely) for their pain so you can provide solution. You want to keep the conversation going, so you’ll always ask for a follow-up meeting. There’s a way to do that, too. Refer back to my Q & A with J. archives on our Cash Flow Diary YouTube channel.

If you’re interested in learning more about networking, I have excellent news. We’re working on a new training product that’s going to be pretty unique and a whole lot of fun to help you develop better networking skills. Be patient. Look for an announcement soon.