This video diary entry is a little longer than most, and it covers a whole lot of ground, which is a peek into a typical day for me at Cash Flow Diary. You even get to learn about my 1031 Exchange deal. That’s been pushed back due to intricacies involved. But I don’t see a problem with it moving forward.

Today we’re closing on selling a property! Got an offer on a 12-unit building. Waiting for written offer to mirror the verbal. The buyer wants to take control of the building and pay us out on the refinance. It’s pretty cool, and here’s the deal. If I sell at the no-money-down price, and the buyer knows what he’s doing in the rehab and does all that he’s supposed to do, we’ll end up with access to more capital in the end. That is always exciting.

Still working on the commercial lease. We have gotten through round one and are on round two! Yay. More on that one later. Right now we’re in the negotiation part.

I’m also working through my breakout sessions. Lots of people scheduled 30-minute private one-on-one calls with me. I had no idea how popular this would be. I’m talking to various people in my sessions and meeting excellent individuals. That’s been really interesting. I get excited when I learn about serving my customers.

This is a first for the marketing team to take this approach. Let’s just say that they did a great job. Whew! And lots of people are taking advantage of our different programs. I’m thrilled.

We’re also about to launch some more Internet marketing campaigns and joint ventures. That’s exciting. And I’m getting ready to head out to Lithuania. You’ll have to watch this diary entry and go to the website as directed to find out more about why! I will only say I’m really, really excited. I can’t wait to go!!