Today I’m at the OC Fair with my kids. It’s great to get away and relax (if you call this relaxing) with the family. I figure it’s a great way to celebrate my last few weeks of hard work and spend time with my family. If you think I’m energetic, you should see my kids. Well, you will in this series of very short video diary entries.

Aside from sharing my joy about spending time with my little ones, there is a reason I recorded these videos for you. There’s a theme. The rides and games I’ve recorded mirror what we do in life sometimes. In fact, I dare say these games we play with ourselves hold us back in business and life. For example, while it’s a whole lot of fun if everything is as easy for us as sliding through a tube into our parents’ waiting arms, we learn more the other way… when things are more like bumper cars.

In life sometimes you’re going to feel like you’re in a bumper car, making mistakes, bashing into walls or having difficulties with investors, buyers and sellers. So what? It’s all part of the Real Estate game, and to learn you have to be willing to make mistakes. Go ahead and crash into some walls. It won’t kill you. You can’t let little mishaps stop you. I’ve had some dillies! What if I had stopped when deals went south or people went south with my money? I learned; I moved on. I won’t be repeating those mistakes again.

Besides, if you learn the rules of the game, chances are pretty good you are going to win BIG. Kinda like my daughter did. She played her games well and won two really cool prizes. While hers are a big stuffed animal and a cool basketball, yours will be cashflow and plenty of it. Keep learning and earning!