Today I’m still at the OC Fair with my family. Take a look at the Ring the Duck game my daughter plays. All the ducks are huddled in a heap in the middle of the pool. Is that you?

You’d get further if your ducks are in a row! Simple analogy, but appropriate. You need to line things up for success. If you’re scattered or grouped with individuals who aren’t willing to break away from the status quo, you better get things straightened out. Take the right actions, build your team, get out there and work toward your goals.

That’s going to take a little introspection. Where are your weaknesses? What are your strengths? Do you have a single point of failure? I hope not. That’s not good. Do you have a good team in place? Maybe right now you have to wear all the hats. That’s okay for now, but you still need to have things a little organized and you need a bit of a plan. Then you need to stick to it.

Know whom you serve. That’s the very first duck! Get your elevator pitch down. That’s your second duck. Go to networking meetings. That’s your third. Talk to people and gather leads. Follow up. Do deals. Repeat. See… lots of ducks to get lined up and working right!!