Yep, today we are still at the OC Fair. There’s a reason I’m recording these quick little video diary entries. It’s not just to show you that we have fun as a family. There are lessons all around us. For example, today my kids are riding fun things that spin. I don’t even know the names of these rides, but as rides most kids love ’em. Unfortunately, some adults get stuck in real-life versions of these high-speed merry-go-rounds. They can’t seem to get off.

Like those you see in these video clips, as rides they’re great fun, but if this represents what you keep doing in your business and life, guess what? You aren’t going anywhere. You have to stop moving in circles. Stop doing what you’ve been doing over and over and over… and expecting different results. (You know what they say about that, right?)

I won’t spend much time on this, but in closing for this series of video diary entries, remember to enjoy life, take time out to celebrate your hard work and victories, embrace fun like a child at a fair, but be mindful of how you move forward in your life and Real Estate business.

If you want to get out of the rat race for real, if you want to leave your 9 – to – 5 J-O-B, you’re going to have to take new action steps. You’re going to stop running around in circles. You’re going to get your ducks in a row. And you are going to stop worrying about the bumps in the road. Get out there! It’s a lot of fun. ; )