Ah, another day in paradise. No, wait. I mean Lithuania. It is gorgeous here though, so I guess it could be considered paradise.

Today we’re watching Craig Ballantyne, world-class strength and conditioning coach (also health and fitness writer and published author), as he leads the group in physical exercises to keep us feeling more fit in and out of the classroom. He teaches us to have discipline with our workouts and talks to us about staying in our best condition.

It’s kind of like what I teach about staying financially fit through exercising our cashflow creation muscles! Okay, that’s going a bit far, but it’s true if you think about it. The more you flex your Real Estate Investing muscles and do more deals faster, the more cashflow your create. You are creating the life and income you desire through specific actions (i.e., exercises, if you will).

BTW, for fun see if you can pick out the superhero in green in this series of video snippets. I’m telling you that this group is fun! So energetic, too. Look at ‘em go! I get tired just watchin’ ‘em through my camera. ; )