Today I’m here to hammer an important point home. Doing only that which you are best at doing ensures fewer mistakes and a faster time to market. In the case of Real Estate transactions, you can do more deals faster. That’s the way to earn a really great cashflow each and every month.

For me, this lesson comes back to me in my dealings with the creation of my audio book. I thought it would be a breeze. Hey, I wrote the book, right? So it shouldn’t be tough to read the words again and with feeling out loud as I record. WRONG! It is challenging for me and since I’m not doing a phenomenal job it’s time to outsource.

The good news is that I’m hiring a very good professional voiceover specialist who does this stuff for a living. Whew. Now I know my audio book is going to rock!

If you have already purchased the e-book or print version of my book, you will want this version, too. It’s going to have lots of BONUS MATERIAL. It won’t be just a guy with a great voice reading you the book. Nope! My team and I decided it will be a whole lot more than that. My voice is in there, too, and I’m giving extra lessons to go with the published content.

I am back to being very, very excited about this project again… and that is a relief! Thank God for voiceover professionals. It’s fun to go through their audition tapes.