Today I’m in Memphis handling some business. I’m reminded of the importance of having a smooth system for following up on… well, everything. You might be surprised to learn that I still have things to learn about being a great leader. Part of that comes in the form of my follow-up skills. Hey, I’m getting better. It’s called personal growth, and I’m happy to say it’s working.

Fortunately, I have a killer team. They keep me on track and things working right. I can’t help but mention how great my CFO is. She deserves a medal for all she does.

While I’m here in Memphis, I’m looking forward to talking to a few of the decision-makers in the city about vouchers, which would allow my team and me to do more in Memphis. I might mean 100 new units of property. That means we can provide that much more clean, safe, affordable housing for residents of Memphis.

This is new territory for me. I don’t know much about vouchers, but that won’t stop me. It just means I get to ask lots of questions and learn new things. That is what I call exciting. Learning new things is always awesome.