Today I see lots and lots of opportunity in the form of problems I can solve in Real Estate! I’m in Memphis being shown around by someone I trust to show me the problems (properties) that he knows I can solve. His name is Curtis and if you ever want to work with someone who knows his stuff in Memphis, Arkansas and/or Mississippi, he’s your man. I’ve been working with him for years.

Today we are driving past literally hundreds of properties with hidden and not-so-hidden potential.

As you ride along with us, see if you can see what I see.

• What problems can be solved if you were to have these properties?

• Think there might be cashflow in these properties?

• Can you do things that might boost their value?

Remember the Profit Analysis Quadrant as you think about the deals you see here. There isn’t just one way to earn returns in deals like these. That’s pretty exciting stuff to me! (Take a close look at the apartment buildings. Can you see why I’m excited?)

I love these ride-alongs. It just proves my point. Opportunity is everywhere. You just need to open your eyes and ears!