Today I am reminded once again about the importance of having clear communication with every person you work with. Deals can go south fast without good communication between parties.

There are terms to negotiate, contracts to be created and conversations to be had. That means each person involved has to be on the same page at every turn in a deal. If you want to close more deals, become a really good communicator and make sure all your communications with others in a deal are clear and concise.

I’m not just talking about the internal communications either. The external communications have to be on track, too.

What one party tells another party better be the same exact story that you’re getting. That’s why I tend to repeat what I’ve just heard from someone on my team. Or the broker will call me to repeat the exact same thing that just went down between the escrow company representative and me. It’s a good thing. That way there are no miscommunications that can screw up a deal.

Communication is a skill you learn over time. Practice. Learn to be a great listener. That will help you immensely. Take notes. Repeat.