I learned this a long time ago, but in my breakthrough sessions I get to share this knowledge with others, which hopefully will help them be more productive.

Say there’s a new tool that comes out that you know without a shadow of doubt will help you in your business and help all members of your team. Why wouldn’t you get that tool? I don’t care if it’s a new phone, calculator app or gadget that will help you get the job done more efficiently as a Real Estate Investor, if it helps you all I can is bite the bullet and get it.

The same is true of building your team. Just because you are capable of doing a job doesn’t mean that’s the best use of your time. I cannot stress this enough. For example, if you earn $200 an hour doing the higher-level tasks your work requires, it is not serving you well to do the $10/hour tasks. Even if you can do something yourself doesn’t mean it makes sense for you do to it. You can oversee a person you hire to do that job who gives you extra time to go off and earn that $200/hour though!