Now that I’m up earlier every day, I’m getting lots more done, and that’s gratifying. Not only that, but I’ve learned that by planning further ahead in my activities I can be a whole lot more productive. So can my team!

Planning helps when things don’t go according to your original plan, too. For example, we’re doing our first joint venture (JV) and without much warning the JV partner postponed. I didn’t blink, because we had developed two backup plans, just in case. That means we’ll hit our numbers for the month even without the cool JV.

Who knew I’d embrace slowing down and planning ahead? It’s great though. Now that we have things planned ahead in our marketing strategies and even in our product creation into the next few months, I can breathe easier. I won’t have negative emotional responses to things that don’t go exactly as I think they should. Talk about reduction of stress… Planning is key!!