Frequently Asked Questions

Check our FAQ for common answers to your most frequently asked questions.

How does the course work benefit someone in an economically depressed state.

One of the things J teaches is that you are not looking for properties, but problems. So in an economically depressed state there are a lot of problems which actually benefits you as an investor because the bigger problem you solve the more you usually profit from.

J invest mainly in low income C class properties with lots of problems. Fire, floor damage, and vacancy is exactly what he is looking for. He is able to get “deals” because he solves people problems. We teach you to do the same.

J does not limit himself to local markets either so if it does not make sense to invest in your local area, then don’t. J lives in Southern California, but he does not invest here because it does not make sense.

How can I download the courses?
To download the courses that are available, first go to the “Cashflow Courses” section of the training site, then click on one of the three complete courses. If it is your first time taking the course, you will need to click the green “Take This Course” button. After you have done that, go to any one of the main lessons in that course. They are usually called “Action Plan #1” or “Module #1” or “Section #1”. At the beginning of each of the lesson there is usually a short summary of that lesson and near the bottom you should see a section called “Course Materials” with links to download the video, audio, and pdf for that weeks lesson.

You should be able to just click on the video download link and it should start downloading to your computer. You may need to “right click” on the link and click “Save Link As…” and that will open up a window and ask you where you want to save it.



I live in XXXXXX Country. Does what you teach work here?

People from all over the world use J’s methods, not just in the United States. We have members in many countries.

J’s courses are applicable everywhere as long as you have the legal right to own property and are around people.

Can you succeed without buying anything?

The short answer to that is yes. The information is out there if you look hard enough for it. What you don’t realize is that you will always have to pay something for your education. It might be money or it might be time. The reason you pay money for a course or membership is to cut the “time” it would take you to find all the information, compile it, analyze it, test it, and see what actually works.

The real question you should be asking yourself is not “how much will it cost”
but “will I put in the work”. I could give you access to everything we have in terms of training and guidance, but will you take the action and make it happen.

The answer to that is usually no. Most people think “if I could only afford this program or that program, then I would make it”. The reality is that it is not the program that makes you successful, it is the action you take.

Where are the Q&A with J held? How can I watch if I missed it live?

The Q&A with J are held every Tues at 4PM PST. They are held inside the private facebook group so you must join the facebook group and watch and participate live. Q&A with J is a great place to get your questions answered by J.

If you missed the Q&A with J, the best place to find the replay is inside the “Lesson Library”. Go to the Lesson Library and you should see a “Q&A with J” image and link so you can watch the replay of this weeks as well as all the recordings of Q&A with J going back almost two years.

I'm Overwhelmed. Which course should I start with?

This is our most common question. Where should I start. This depends on how experience you are, but in general this is what we recommend. Start with our Cashflow Foundations Course to get a good foundation on how to do business, why you are in business, and how to not just get started, but to stay started. Then we recommend to move on to the crash courses to see what is of interest. These crash courses are 2-4hrs long and will help you to see if that topic is something that you want to pursue further. Once you finish a crash course and want to move to the next level, take the complete course. The complete courses are broken down in 12 parts and will guide you deeper into the subject.

What is included in the Core Membership

The Core Membership can be purchased monthly, annually and we even offer a lifetime membership. The core membership comes with over 200 hrs of training videos, access to a private facebook community, live weekly Q&A with J, our lesson library where you can watch all the archives of Q&A with J and other live events J has spoken at, J’s Personal Video Diary with over 90 entries, a growing catalog of courses on real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and personal development, and our tools and resources section with documents, ebooks and more.

There are only a few things that are not included in the core membership. These are our Advanced Courses (currently 5 in total) and the Cashflow Diary ebook and audio book.

Videos don't seem to be working

Here are two recommendations to help with the playback (sometime this happens when the Internet connection is slow or if the computer is a little older).

First, all the videos default to “HD”. If you click the blue “HD” text on the bottom right of the video, it will turn it off and show is standard definition.

The second thing you can try is another browser. You could try Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. All of these browsers are free and can be installed on your computer in mins (if you don’t have them already).

In today's market many are asking for 'skin in the game', how does your course teach towards this challenge?

We teach you how to raise the money for the deals so that you don’t need any of your own money in the game to do real estate investing.