Meet The Team

A lot of people ask J. Massey where he found the members of his team. That’s because they are great at what they do. Each brings a set of special skills and years of experience to Team Massey. Plus, they share a common vision… which is an absolute necessity in any great team!

J. MasseyCEO, Real Estate Investor and Developer

Since you’re here on the site, chances are you’ve been browsing and already learned that J. Massey is a master of creating cash flow and passive income through smart real estate and business transactions. J.’s talents don’t stop there. He’s also a successful business owner, energetic author, popular podcast host, insightful instructor, cash flow creation coach and more.

Andrée CaldwellExecutive Administrator

This seasoned administrative professional came to us with 17 years of experience in office administration and a strong background in business operations, corporate event planning, residential real estate and commercial lending (securities). As an entrepreneur, she offered business development consulting services to small businesses and startup companies. Andrée is a valued member of our team who is tasked to keep several balls in the air at once while maintaining J.’s schedule at the same time. That’s impressive!

Jake BongiovanniCTO and Marketing Director

Before coming on board Team Massey, Jake earned his stripes as a professional photographer and videographer, shooting a lot of beautiful faces and places over the past decade. Now he is in charge of shooting J. Massey in the studio and on the go for videos of all sorts, including visual training materials and online presentations. Jake’s talents can be seen everywhere J. can be seen online, and we are grateful to have him on the team, chronicling our growth and adventures in real estate investing!

Sandra ReaCopywriter and Master Marketer

With more than 25 years of experience as a copywriter, marketing consultant and PR representative, Sandra has learned the ropes in all things marketing. Offering creative marketing solutions to everyone she has ever worked with, Sandy understands what it takes to make campaigns stand out. A real estate investor herself, her understanding of “the deal” helps her translate J.’s techniques and tactics into bright and shiny words on this website and beyond. Sandy’s passion for what she does shines through so brightly in her writing that you might want to grab your sunglasses before you keep browsing the site!

Andrée CaldwellExecutive Administrator

Where would we be without the extra helpful hands attached to this dedicated individual’s capable arms (and brain)? What can we say about Chad, other than that he is awesome and an integral part of getting things done quickly around here. A lot of the sales pages you see on this site and on special landing pages that populate the Internet are Chad’s creations. He has an eye for style, color and placement of all the elements that make a page stand out. Plus, he’s the man behind the man when it comes to our podcast! Without him, the podcast wouldn’t sound nearly as good as it does. Chad is an excellent technical whiz on that front. (Plus, he happens to be a wonderful actor. Look him up in IMDB!)

Jake BongiovanniCTO and Marketing Director

With an extensive background in directing documentary films and commercials, Drew is passionate about telling true stories that inspire people towards a positive change. Here at CashFlow Diary, Drew oversees the creative direction behind nearly every video we create, making sure that all of our content is as clean and crisp as can be, and that J’s message is able to resonate online as powerfully as it does when you’re with him in-person.