In this first of three studio-version videos taken from the “7 Keys to Creating Cashflow” presentation, investing superstar J. Massey takes you through the first keys to success in raising private capital.

  1. Investor Identity and what that really means
  2. Why your elevator pitch is so darned important
  3. Why you can never stop networking and engaging likeminded individuals

In this video, J. also takes you through:

  • What your investors are looking for in you (not your deals)
  • The difference between providing top-line value and top-rated operations
  • Why you need to get cozy with the “IMTD” formula and what all of that means
  • The exact wording for your elevator pitch that will work with your Investor Identity
  • Why you need to match your deals and investors to your identity
  • The different types of networking events you want to attend and why
  • Which events work best and why
  • Where to find people to invite to your events
  • How to host the right type of event and why that matters