In this second of three studio-version videos taken from the “7 Keys to Creating Cashflow” presentation, J. Massey takes you through the next keys to success in raising private capital.

  1. The MOST powerful question J. Massey uses to raise private capital
  2. Lead-generation tactics you’d likely never know to use
  3. Absolute best strategies to raise private capital for all your deals

In this video, J. also takes you through:

  • Best questions to ask investors and how to use them to get them to invest in your deals
  • How to be the best listener and why that’s critical to your success
  • ’s number-one “ninja secret” to get in front of investors
  • The tree qualifiers to make sure your investors are ready to act now
  • Why getting started, even before you have all the information, gets you through deals faster
  • How to overcome fears and move forward anyway
  • Why J.’s strategies work so well in raising private capital in any market anywhere in the world