In this final of three studio-version videos taken from the “7 Keys to Creating Cashflow” presentation, investor J. Massey takes you through the last key to success in raising private capital.

In this video, J. also takes you deep into using the P.A.Q. as well as:

  • Making sure you understand who to talk to, how to talk to investors and your identity
  • What happens once you have that understanding
  • What the P.A.Q. is, how it works and why it works so well to get investors on board
  • What the Appreciation, Depreciation, Amortization and CashFlow Quadrants mean
  • How each of the quadrants can be used in different deals
  • Formulas to help you calculate cashflow within the P.A.Q.
  • Where different plays fit into the four quadrants of the P.A.Q.
  • How you can split and divide quadrants to create the biggest benefits on both sides
  • How to divide the deal for optimized outcomes
  • How to work with multiple investors in a single deal or various deals
  • And more…